PgMP©: PMI Program Management Professional

PgMP©: PMI Program Management Professional
ISBN : 978-1-61691-616-9
PMI's Program Management Professional certification is an industry recognized vendor-neutral credential.The certification is proof of a person's competence across a spectrum of skills including managing and administering the project.


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Exam Information

The Program Management Professional certification exam is a standalone certification from PMI® with the exam code PgMP®.

The certification is targeted at system and network administrator who are involved in managing and administering the projects. The exam covers the knowledge and skills of a candidate to lead and direct project teams and to deliver results within the constraints of schedule, budget, and resources. The PMI's Program Management Professional (PgMP®) credential recognizes the advanced experience and skill of program managers. Globally recognized and demanded, the PgMP® demonstrates your proven competency to oversee multiple, related projects and their resources to achieve strategic business goals.

Material in this course are based on the Project Management Institute, A Guide to the Project Management Body of the Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) - Latest Edition.

PMBOK® is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Prepare for the following certification

Career Prospects

A PMI certified professional has several career opportunities open up to them, including:

  • Systems engineer
  • Systems administrator
  • Network administrator
  • Information systems administrator
  • Technical support engineers
  • Systems analysts
  • Network analysts and
  • Technical consultants
Exam FAQs
What is the exam registration fee?
  • For PMI members - $1,500
  • For Non-PMI members - $1,800

Candidate can take the PgMP assessment exam up to three times within the one-year period from your authorization to test letter. PMI members will have to pay re-examination fees of $500, whereas non-PMI members will have to pay $600.

Where do I take the exam?
The PMI exam is administered by Prometric at testing centers worldwide. Click here to find a testing center near you.
What is the format of the exam?
The exam consists of linear, multiple choice, fact based questions.
What are the pre-requisites of the exam?

PMI has the following pre-requisites for PgMP:

  • Candidate must have passed secondary diploma (high school diploma associate's degree or global equivalent), minimum 4 years of unique non overlapping project management experience, and minimum 7 years of program project experience
  • Or Candidate must have passed bachelor'sdegree (global equivalent of higher degree), minimum 4 years of unique non overlapping project management experience, and minimum 4 years of program project experience
How many questions are asked in the exam?
The exam contains 170 questions.
What is the duration of the exam?
240 minutes
What is the passing score?
A pass/fail result score is generated based on your overall performance on the examination. For more information, click here

(on a scale of 0-1000)

What is the exam's retake policy?

In the event that you fail your first attempt at passing the PgMP®, PMP's® retake Policy is:

  • Candidate can re-take the PgMP® assessment exam up to three times within the one-year period from your authorization to test letter.
  • PMI members will have to pay re-examination fees of $500. Whereas, non-PMI members will have to pay $600.
What is the validity of the certification?
PMI's Program Management Professional certification expires three years from date of issue, after which the certification holder will need to renew their certification. Click here for more information.
Where can I find more information about this exam?
To know more about the PgMP, click here.

Table of Content

Here's What you will Learn

Lesson 1: Defining the program

  • Perform a program assessment by defining the pro...t with the enterprise strategic plan or mission.
  • Support business analysis functions in identifyi... analysis, and high-level cost-benefit analysis.
  • Develop benefits realization plan by estimating ...lish the program feasibility and obtain funding.
  • Perform a preliminary stakeholder analysis asses their position relatice to the program.
  • Establish alliances with other departments and o...tial partnerships and commitment to the program.
  • Evaluate the organization s capability by consul...ority and alignment to the strategic objectives.
  • Request authorization to proceed by presenting t...ce authorities in order to initiate the program.

Lesson 2: Initiating the program

  • Define the program mission statement by assembli...ction and set a baseline for any further action.
  • Translate strategic objectives into high-level p... in order to create a program scope description.
  • Develop a high-level milestone plan using goals ... with expectations of sponsors and stakeholders.
  • Develop an accountability matrix by identifying ...tiate between the program and project resources.
  • Establish project management standards within efficiency and consistency among projects.
  • Define meaningful measurement criteria for succe...order to accurately control program performance.
  • Obtain senior management approval for the progra...ive authorization to proceed to the next phases.
  • Conduct program kick-offs with stakeholders by h...o familiarize the organization with the program.

Lesson 3: Planning the program

  • Develop a detailed program scope statement by in...ety concerns in order to aid in overall planning
  • Develop program scope definition using Work determine the program deliverables and tasks.
  • Establish the program management plan and baseli...and identify variances during program execution.
  • Optimize the program plan by reviewing and level... gain efficiencies and synergies among projects.
  • Define project management information system (PM...ects in order to maximize synergies and savings.
  • Develop the transition plan by defining exit cri...ual obligations are met upon program completion.

Lesson 4: Executing the program

  • Consolidate project/program data (documented iss...ools and methods to monitor program performance.
  • Charter constituent projects by assigning projec...e resources in order to meet program objectives.
  • Motivate the team using appropriate tools and te...o increase commitment to the program objectives.
  • Establish program consistency by deploying unifo...rder to enable informed program decision making.
  • Capture program status and data by ensuring the ...program information for the use of stakeholders.
  • Execute the appropriate program plans (quality, the stakeholder expectations and standards.
  • Approve closure of constituent projects upon and procedures in order to obtain acceptance.

Lesson 5: Controlling the program

  • Analyze variance of costs, schedule, quality and... order to identify corrective actions necessary.
  • Identify potential corrective actions by forecas...ective actions into the program management plan.
  • Manage change in accordance with the change mana...l scope, quality, schedule, cost, and contracts.
  • Address program level issues by identifying and ...s in order to enable continued program progress.

Lesson 6: Closing the program

  • Complete a performance analysis report by gather... data in order to determine program performance.
  • Manage program completion by executing the trans...organization) in order to close out the program.
  • Conduct the stakeholder post-review meeting by p... to obtain feedback and capture lessons learned.
  • Report lessons learned via appropriate methodolo...rt future program or organizational improvement.

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